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[Pinned] Active Recruitment Info

Hi!So obviously with Legion right around the corner its time to get us back into "Raiding Shape". We lost a lot of people during WoD, and we need to prevent that from happening again this expansion. Ideally for me, I would love if we could maintai...
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Akatosh5183Small Zalera 279d
General Discussion

Check My Wow

Hi friends,I'm your quiet and friendly windwalker monk that likes to try and dps, and I'm always looking for ways to improve myself. I found this site which can analyze warcraft logs and see how you're doing individually. It's in BETA at the mom...
Small SifuChi 246d
SifuChi283Small Akatosh 242d
General Discussion

Nomi is a terrible cook

24 hours worth of research time and all I get is burnt food.
Small Zalera 261d
Zalera372Small Akatosh 258d
General Discussion

Get to know your guildies!

Now that Legion is almost out now is a better time than ever to get to know each other better. I'm Sunji (Kevin) and I'm ridiculously good looking! I love the Deftones and am always down to help out with just about anything.
Small Sunji 276d
Sunji12179Small Akatosh 258d
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Prep Guide for Raiding

Got this off of Discord's Monk channel, looks handy:
Small SifuChi 268d
SifuChi256Small Akatosh 258d
General Discussion

Discord - is it the new standard?

Messing around in the BF1 beta with a few buds, I got introduced to a new voice program. Discord.Has anyone had experiences? I was BLOWN AWAY, personally. It's free, the program is TOTALLY user friendly. No crazy IP addresses to mess with, easy on...
Small Slaytanist 266d
Slaytanist043Small Slaytanist 266d
General Discussion

First day of Legion, stuck at work :(

Argh! Really regretting not calling in sick today! To anyone who is able to be playing right now: I hate you ;)
Small Invictae 270d
Invictae022Small Invictae 270d
General Discussion

How did you decide on your main for Legion?

Just a bit of discussion, wondering how everyone came to decide on their main for Legion.I know some people are very attached to a particular main, but even if you knew which character you'd be maining, did you have a tough time narrowing in on a ...
Member avatar small Simurgh 272d
Simurgh021Member avatar small Simurgh 272d

What professions are our raiders planning on doing?

Hey gang! Trying to figure out what trade skills to use on Knifêparty for Legion and I wanted to see what everybody else was planning on doing. I know we will obviously have duplicates but I figured I would ask anyway just to kind of take a poll h...
Small Sunji 301d
Sunji17191Small Invictae 273d
General Discussion

Legion Overview

So this is an attempt to give an overview to Legion (ooh, new and exciting, eh?) from my perspective. I hope it was either helpful, interesting, or both. Thanks for reading!So, to start, I played for somewhere close to 200 hours or so on the beta,...
Small Ulthrakk 278d
Ulthrakk070Small Ulthrakk 278d
General Discussion


Found a piece of ancient history!
Small Zalera 281d
Zalera231Small Sueshi 280d
General Discussion

UI Screenshots

I didn't have a shot for my app due to the Legion patch. I've finished my current ui setup. Changes always occur however, but nothing major. Mainly cleaning to make more clear viewing space for encounter mechanics. Would love to see everyone's wor...
Small Elements 310d
Elements583Small Akatosh 282d
General Discussion

Broken Shote info thought it might be helpful :)
Small Ulthrakk 289d
Ulthrakk021Small Ulthrakk 289d

Moose run?

Should we consider this with the huge nerf he got? I know Matt, Vesmir and Ulth don't have one. I know Rylar (new mage) is missing as well. Not sure about our other new apps.May be a little more possible to carry people through this.Not sure ho...
Small Sueshi 301d
Sueshi568Small Tiktiki 300d

Tome of Illusions-Elemental Lords

I went ahead and finished the quest for this if any wants a tome made.
Small Ulthrakk 307d
Ulthrakk239Small Sunji 301d
General Discussion

Method's Take on the Current State of Healing in Legion...

The subject says it. The video linked below outlines their alpha/beta play testing results in both raid and mythic+ environments. Classes/Specs are listed from weakest to strongest.;DW: Play Druid or Sh...
Small Limstellah 310d
Limstellah471Small Akatosh 310d
General Discussion

Just incase you hate Legion UI pruning... couple of addons you can download to revert the changes. Also a list of features removed.
Small Akatosh 312d
Akatosh250Small Elements 310d
General Discussion

The Lounge

I'm Commander Limstellah, and this is my favorite guild on the forums.
Small Limstellah 312d
Limstellah3100Small Akatosh 312d
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