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Looking for DPS and a Healer for Dazar'alor!

Akatosh / Jan 17, 2019

We're looking for new members. Battle of Dazar'alor is here! We're looking to bolster our ranks with a few new members of the team, and start off strong in the new expansion. Our current goal for BFA is to clear heroic as quickly and efficiently as possible! We're mostly looking for a whole whack of DPS, pretty much of any class, but with a very heavy focus on ranged. We're also looking for a healer, preferably a Paladin, Druid, or Monk, but open to good Priest/Shaman apps too!!

Here's the long short of who we are as a guild. I'll try to keep it brief and to the point instead of endlessly listing our amazing achievements and trying to razzle dazzle you into joining our team.

We've been around in one form or another since Mid-TBC. We've been raiding solidly in our current state since early MoP, achieving all ahead of the curve achievements since Throne of Thunder. Our numbers dipped a bit (a lot) with the large player dropout that occured in WoD, but Legion was great and everything is on the up and up. We're back into our element..
Our guild is very social outside of raiding. We have a couple of marriages to speak of that spurred from the guild, long lasting friendships and all that candy coated stuff. We do a yearly (sometimes twice a year) real life meet up that we refer to as Minus Fifteencon. We have an active facebook group, and we hang out on Discord regularly outside of raids. So if thats your thing, we have it in spades!

We're looking for applicants that excel in whatever role it is they play. Someone who takes the game seriously, shows up on time, researches fights, has consumables, can take constructive criticism. We clear content efficiently and have fun doing so. Our focus is heroic level raiding, but we're now eager to have a go at Mythic raiding and start kicking butt in there.
We currently raid Tuesday/Thursday at 9 PM CST. We're adding optional (but encouraged) scheduled events each Wednesday and Saturday for clearing as much Mythic plus as possible.

**High Need:**
* Warlock
* Shadow Priest
* Ranged Spec Hunter
* Balance Druid
* Rogue
* Resto Druid
* Holy Paladin
* Mistweaver Monk

**Medium Need:**
* Elemental Shaman
* Mage
* Ret Paladin
* Havoc Demon Hunter

**Low Need:**
* WW Monk
* Healing Priest
* Resto Shaman
* Enh Shaman
* Survival Druid
* Feral Druid
* DPS Warrior

* Beansie (that's me) mmcleister#1115
* Lyste sueshi#1637
* Tiktiki Lyntiki#1261

If you're interested in joining add any of the above people to inquire (myself in particular. Best to add realID as I play a lot of alts.) or visit our website at:
tl;dr: We're fun, we're pretty laid back, we're pretty good at the game, and we're recruiting a whole bunch of DPS as well as a healer!


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